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Team Coterie is the "Rap Super Group" of Chicago Indie Music Label Coterie Records founded by Vinsane & Co-Founded by his brother B.C . The group was formed on the far Southside in an area known as "Roseland" and consists of 4 long-time neighborhood friends Vinsane, B.C, Stateboy Streetz & Murdock. Motivated by their Coterie mantra " Family 1st Music 2nd" the group has written, recorded and released 3 hip-hop mixtapes since joining together in 2007 as a result of the birth of Coterie Records. Collectively the group's music is hardcore hip-hop driven with urban tales and boastful lyrics. When it comes to absolute diversity, Vinsane is the Labels "Go-To" but B.C is the undisputed "Hook Man" for his infectiously catchy choruses. The Clark Bros. are the front line, and men behind the scene for their Coterie Enterprise. 

Vinsane's "Post Jordan Era" & "C Up In The Sky" mixtapes were notable tapes and momentum led him to tour a few cities and perform with Chicago rap legend Twista back in 2008. Team Coterie's "From da 100's 2 Tha Low" which was a collective effort  showcasing B.C & Marvelous was also a notable mixtape gaining them a bubbling following on social media. Support soon came from DJ's and the streets with the release of Vinsane & B.C's "Over-taxin"  music video which was directed by Chicago's creative genius Leondotcom of Mudwing Media, and was eventually featured on 2004's "Midwest Dj Of The Year" & Chicago's very own DJ V-Dub's "Twitter Tapes" and recieved over 100,000 views on various music blog sites. And finally,  In 2010 Vinsane had a record "I'm Cool" that was featured in Indie Film "Speed Dating" which starred Wesley Johnathan, Vanessa Simmons, Holly Robinson Peete, alongside other B-List Hollywood actors. Vinsane's sound has been cultivated with the help of Chicago producers such as Twin Beats, who's soulful samples gave Vinsane the ability to create some of the most relatable music topics.  Time 2 Do Numbers will be Vinsane's next project soon to be released with production duties shared mostly by Twin Beats & promising producer Bar-None.

With so many more sizeable yet viable accomplishments, life tried destroying these guys individually and collectively and troubles intervened until a breakthrough came in by supporters in 2011 which allowed Team Coterie to obtain more studio & production equipment and a trip to California to network. Since then, not only has Coterie Records established a foundation, but Coterie Films & Coterie TV has become part of the implementation to exploit Team Coterie. With That being said....WELCOME 2 THE COTERIE!

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